The Grand Tour (part one)

Last year my project '100 Paintings in 100 Days' took me on an inspirational personal journey into my passion for painting. Many people followed my progress in a daily email newsletter during the project, with the opportunity to buy each days new work.

This year I'm setting myself a challenge once again.

The project is called 'The Grand Tour' (part one)

I will journey around UK and Europe to create 100 paintings - exploring the landscape, people, and what it means to belong, as I interrogate my own creativity, and keep a daily journal of my experiences and the people I meet. I invite you to visit the Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge of support, however large or small - best of all you get to choose from an amazing selection of rewards including one of 100 paintings painted in different locations around Europe that I'll be travelling too.

I have three main aims in doing this project:

  1. Motivating myself to paint more consistently, and giving myself the dedicated space to develop my art where it wants to go.
  2. The opportunity to travel further afield and therefore bring you artworks communicating my discovery of the new. I'll be writing about my discoveries in my email newsletter
  3. I'll be raising money to help refugee charities both in the UK and further afield and spending some time volunteering with refugees in Paris, Calais and Athens. I was able to give £100 to help refugees last year thanks to the success of this project. This year with your help I want to make that £1000

It's my belief that we need art more than ever in our world, we need its ability to live with uncertainty and to contain many different perspectives without collapsing under the conflict . It seems our world is divided by fear. Fear stops us from acting even where we know it will help. In my painting and in my writing I try to connect us to what is most important, to remember who and what we love and to know that we can act on this. We all have an important part to play in this greater journey we are on as part of the community of life on our beautiful patchwork planet.

Big Hugs,

PS A number of paintings are still available from '100 Paintings, 100 Days' - please contact me for a list of available artworks.

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Jack Godfrey is a portrait artist specialising in baby and child portraiture.
He is based in Norwich, Norfolk.

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